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Welcome to a fresh, targeted way, of getting your music in front of more listeners and the right industry channels for you, whilst helping fund your career.

open letter to artists

Dear Artists,

MusicPlanet Live and nuuradio have been designed by industry professionals to be the best and only live music platforms required for artists of all levels. We’re passionate about not only providing the best music from some of the world’s biggest acts, but also helping the 1000’s and 1000’s of incredible acts that don’t get the full recognition, airplay, exposure or the gig opportunities they deserve.

There is a better way, it’s here.

On a personal note, I have been involved in music for decades. My band wasn’t very good. In fact, I’m sure my band must hold the world record for playing the most gigs to the least amount of people. Added to this the cost of rehearsal time, the purchase of equipment, petrol costs, EP and album recordings etc., makes me wonder in what other industry would you invest so much time, effort and investment for so little financial return?

When my band was gigging, on most occasions, the £5 service station pasty on the long drive home before another minimum wage office shift would normally cost more than we got paid for a show. All that said, I still look back at these shows in front of 20 people as some of my best memories, as I believe (and I imagine nearly all that are reading this letter will probably agree) music is life.

At MusicPlanet Live we believe music to be part of nearly everything good that happens in life. For me, nearly all good memories have a soundtrack. The music community has the power to influence social change for the better and has done so on many occasions. With the danger of sounding unbelievably corny, the selfish tendencies that seem to be part of our lives disappear when at a live music event and life, for a while, becomes how it should be. We know so many people share this same passion.

So, if music is so loved and there are so many incredible acts out there, why are some shows poorly attended? Why don’t more people know about these awesome acts?

All of us at times must have watched a gig with just 15 people in the room and been completely blown away by that act, wondering why aren’t more people there. If you speak with any venue owner, promoter, band member, DJ they’ll all have different viewpoints on why this is. The truth is, like with any trend in any industry, there are many contributing factors, but we think one of the hardest parts is getting your act known and heard by the right audience.

We’re here to help with this as much as we can.

What we’re doing with MusicPlanet Live is simple. Using our wealth of experience, we have created a site purely around the needs and requirements of connecting the music world and live music fans. Our site is a central hub for the music community where music fans can find everything they need for an artist in one place. We are also helping create an audience for more artists (and venues/promoters) and providing greater opportunities for acts. There’s so much amazing music out there that needs to be heard and experienced live.

Ironic as it may sound from an online music hub, at MPL we have one main campaign goal, and that is to get more people away from their computer screens and phones and out socialising and enjoying live music.

For me personally, it’s unfortunate that socials have become so ingrained in our culture that people see this as a reality. There is so much negativity in the world and social media seems to be a haven for it, here at MusicPlanet Live we’re creating something new, different and more positive.

We’re just getting started with this, we’re fully committed to helping your act, we won’t let you down.

All the best

nuuradio & MusicPlanet Live

nuuradio & musicplanet live

Due to the overwhelming response to our MusicPlanet Live site launch, we have launched a unique radio station to give artists the recognition and exposure they deserve. Our radio station “nuuradio” also gives artists an opportunity to help fund their careers and reach the right industry ears.

We are already in an extremely advantageous position to level the playing field. We can become one of the most powerful artist-controlled radio stations and online musical tools both in the UK and globally. With certainly enough power to influence the charts and sales and booking of acts across the world.

Nuuradio is broadcast exclusively on MusicPlanet Live for our listeners but is also a music industry focused internet radio station playing great tracks, showcasing new artists, offering funding and delivery of quality content to educate and inspire new artists and those looking for careers in the music industry.

The exclusive nuuradio.com platform will allow you to upload your tracks for free for airplay consideration. We don’t care who you are or what genre you play, if the track is great, new or old and well recorded, we will play it!

Our mission is to make MusicPlanet Live and nuuradio the global “industry standard” first stop for spotting new artists as they emerge.

Unfortunately, even in a time where we have unlimited access to tracks at our fingertips the charts have become clogged with full albums of just a few artists and genres and new upcoming artists are exposed more and more to the same influences. Nuuradio wants to change this, we want to get away from logically generated playlists that choose songs based on what you’ve been listening to, we want to create diversity in what is played, give it a human touch, surprise and inspire.

Nuuradio will be community driven; as well as asking for artists to upload their favourite tracks we want to encourage artists to create their own radio shows where they host the show, play tracks that have inspired them and play their own tracks. There will also be interviews with industry moguls, sessions, competitions, educational programmes, music news and so much more. The potential is huge and very exciting!

We state now that we are fully committed to emerging music, real quality artists that should be heard. Our interest is purely in the quality of the music, not the commercial value of the artists following.

Our users and your followers are the avid music fans, these are the ones that go to shows and support grassroots music through to the largest shows. These are the people that have the power to control the music trends and we just need to bring us all together in one place, so more artists can be heard and recognised and be able to easily contact their fanbase and grow this.

Your followers on our site are worth much more than any other online platform. It’s so much easier to gain followers on MPL than other platforms and to reach new people. Irrespective of the followings you may have on other sites, you will reach a new and greater audience and gain more opportunities, and the site is designed to do this with the least amount of effort as possible.

With the launching of the radio station, it will be even easier to reach a greater audience. When your track is played on MPL through nuuradio our site users and listeners will have the link to your profile where they will have the opportunity to hear more of your music, follow your act and see your upcoming shows.

You will also have exclusive artist and industry access to the nuuradio music community hub. This will feature advice and interviews with key industry people such as artists, famous album producers, artist managers, agents, promoters, as well as tutorials, advice, music job alerts etc. This will be the ultimate hub for what’s happening in the Industry, across the UK and globally.

Your music will also reach the 1000’s of venues, promotion companies, agencies and management groups already using the site and reach the right industry channels for you.

We can, if required, provide an online music booking and agency service and get you greater show opportunities also. Our promoters and agents have strong contacts with some of the largest management and agency groups, booking some of the biggest UK and international acts for festivals and tours.

funding opportunities

The music world can be tough and acts need ways to monetise every opportunity. We believe it’s fair you get paid for your plays and followers.

Funding is key to an artist’s ongoing effort to grow their career, if we can offer you even a small amount of extra finance on a monthly basis, it could make the difference between surviving 6 months or 10 years. To know that you haven’t got to worry about rehearsal costs, the cost of strings for guitars, petrol to get to gigs, new software or musical equipment etc can be a big relief.

Nuuradio is artist controlled radio, funded by a subscription service that can in return fund your act for both your referrals and your following and listeners. This way you can not only gain a bigger following and get your music heard by more people, but you can also create a regular income from the station and increase your fan base, and it will not cost you anything in the future.

So, if you’ve achieved a following over the years on other platforms, then you’ve already done the hard work, now get PAID for it (and reach more fans at the same time)!! Simply advertise to your fanbase and let the site work for you. You can gain a greater following, better exposure and get paid a return.

Please note, as well as providing the benefits already described and helping achieve further funding for artists, promoters and venues, the subscription for this radio station helps us do what we do and benefits all users.

We want this to be the best content radio station in the world. This is a music community radio station, controlled by artists and fans, and your involvement in this is not just helping promote your act but also supporting acts like yours.

When you consider boosting a post on oversaturated corporate platforms (which do not give a f**k about your music) costs money, and you still fall under their control and restrictions, then what we’re offering with this site and radio station is absolutely the best thing on the market.

In addition to all this, we will also offer Trigger funding up to £5000 which may be used to fund your single/EP release, promo campaign etc. And, Journey Funding offers between £5000 and £15000 and could be used to record and release your album or support your tour and national promo campaign.

As an Artist member, you can apply for Trigger or Journey funding without any complicated application processes: you apply, we assess your application, we may even come and meet you, see you perform, get to know you and your plans and finally make our decision.

However, if you are an artist just starting out that doesn’t have the contacts or following at present to gain funding immediately, you still get all these amazing promotional opportunities. We’ll still play your music, put you in front the industry people for your genre and introduce you to a new audience, the station and website will still work for you.

All this for, on average, £2 a month per band member (half the price of a service station pasty!!)

Please click here to see your funding opportunities.

Please click here to see your funding opportunities.