artist membership benefits

free tunecore single & album release

We have partnered with the world’s best independent artist community TuneCore.
As an ARTIST member you get to release singles and albums free of charge. Distribute and sell your music through 150+ digital partners worldwide including iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon music and Google Play.
£750 Million – TuneCore artists have earned more than £750 million since its inception in 2006.
100 billion plays – Artists’ music has been streamed and downloaded over 100 billion times
150 digital stores – TuneCore artists have earned more than £750 million since its inception in 2006.
Get a fair deal. Keep 100% of your sales revenue.
Distribute your music easily and quickly. Share your music. Grow your fan base.
To be eligible for this service you must be an artist member for 3 months.* tunecore terms apply.

unlimited track uploads

Unlike MPFREE Membership, as an ARTIST member, you will not be restricted to how many tracks you can upload to our servers for airplay consideration. Our dedicated music team go through new tracks daily for playlist shortlisting.

unlimited pulse funding

Our unique PULSE funding affiliate programme allows you to refer nuuradio to other artists and earn UNLIMITED commission on a monthly basis. The more ARTIST or INDUSTRY paid memberships that you have referred with your own specific referral link, the more commission you earn. (i.e. refer 5 ARTIST sign-ups to get £25 per month*). This commission can be monitored in your PULSE dashboard 24/7 and will be paid monthly.

trigger and journey funding up to £15000

We don’t want to stop the funding at PULSE so we’re also offering TRIGGER and JOURNEY for those points in your career that need a kickstart or boost. As an ARTIST member you can apply for TRIGGER funding (up to £5000) once every six months and for JOURNEY funding (between £5000 and £15000) once per year. We make the application process as simple as possible and our funding team meet fortnightly to shortlist new applications.

agency service

If you’re looking for representation our agents can book you paid shows and tours. You can also get offered potential support and festival slots ahead of the crowd through our connections. Our promoters and agents have strong contacts with some of the largest management and agency groups, booking some of the biggest UK and international acts for festivals and tours.*

get paid up to £10,000 for your followers

As an artist member if you have achieved a following over the years on other platforms, then you’ve already done the hard work. Now it’s time to get PAID for it (and reach more fans at the same time)! We’ve made it so that artists can simply advertise to their fanbase and let the site work for them. Obviously, we know that new artists are an integral part of driving new listeners and users to our station and website and as such we want to reward acts for this. We pay up to £10,000* for artists that simply advertise to their current fanbase and achieve an MPL following.

unlock musicplanet live fan reports

Being an ARTIST member allows you to unlock many extra features tools and insights on MusicPlanet Live including fan base reports. This information means you can know exactly where your fans are and which venues they frequent, and we can even show you what availability those venues have.

ticketing revenue share

As an ARTIST member, if you have an allocation of tickets for your shows, we can sell these for you through the MusicPlanet Live, providing a financial return for every ticket sold. We can also advertise your shows in that geographical location to your fanbase. Or promoters can simply provide a ticketing link, which can be shared this through sales outlets. Immediate information on ticket sales will be provided and we will pay artists the booking fee from the sales from the advertised link. (*MPL ticketing terms apply)

upload your own shows

At nuuradio we want MusicPlanet Live Artists to be part of the programming. Create and record your own shows and upload the track listing and our producers and DJ’s will edit and do the rest!

banner advertising for extra exposure and ticket sales

ARTIST members get exclusive banner advertising across MusicPlanet Live and featured artist opportunities across We’ll put your act in front of the right fans with our algorithms so that your following grows, and you can reach a new audience.

online teamers

Our Teamers are the fans that are happy to help push your online campaigns and encourage regionalised show attendance, improving exposure in areas where an artist may not have such a large following. You can reach a passionate new audience that wants to help with your promotion. This service is exclusive to artist members. (launching Feb 2018)

record live sessions in partner studios on us

Apply for a live session to be recorded at one of our partner studios and we may cover the cost and get the show aired on nuuradio. A great opportunity for new artists to let fans and industry hear how good you are live. If you’re up for it we will get an interview whilst you’re there!

a&r scouting

Your ARTIST membership puts you in the right place for potential opportunities. We are dedicated to helping you succeed and can help you get heard by Industry ears including agencies, management, labels and more. As well as playing your tracks on nuuradio which is available to the music industry to listen whilst they work, our music team have a direct relationship with industry leaders of varying genres. If our music team think they hear something amazing we will happily put suggestions forward to the relevant party.

community hub access

Need somewhere to ask questions about the industry, share ideas and get advice? Your ARTIST membership gives exclusive access to the artist and industry community hub on (coming soon) and allows you to ask your fellow musicians and industry professionals questions that may not be available elsewhere on the web.

charity giving

We have partnered with select charities that we believe make a difference in the industry or have a big social impact. You can choose to donate your commission from PULSE funding to one of these nominated charities each month automatically. Your PULSE dashboard will be available to see exactly how much you have earned for that charity.

shared advertising revenue

As an ARTIST member, we will ensure you get a share of any revenue generated from the radio page on Musicplanet Live whilst your radio show is being aired!

mpl profile donate button

Upon request, we can provide you with a fan donate button the will be added to MusicPlanet Live nuuradio player allowing fans to donate directly to you when your track is played!

If you are not already an ARTIST member and would like to take advantage of all these benefits...