funding opportunities

We are passionate about offering the best resources and exposure as possible for new talent here at nuuradio and MusicPlanet Live.

What better resource than a steady income and one-off large amounts?!

We offer various funding programmes, most of which take no more effort than promoting your band as you normally would!

Our commitment to you

We know that you are a major part of driving the listeners to our station, the rates and financial return for the people that support us reflects this.

There is a substantial opportunity for acts to really build your following and gain funding from your referrals.

Our website and radio station are just getting started and we’ll be constantly improving our site in line with the ever-changing music world.

pulse funding

So, what is Pulse Funding?

If you believe we’re offering an amazing service, then Pulse Funding is our “referral” or “affiliate” marketing system where our ARTIST and INDUSTRY members can access the programme and earn themselves unlimited income each month whilst simply spreading the word about nuuradio and encouraging other artist and industry types to subscribe to our membership service!

As a participant, we pay you an amazing 50% of any subscription payment we receive from someone you have referred and what’s even more amazing is that because these are monthly payments, it means that you get paid that amount* paid straight to your PayPal account, monthly, until that person cancels their subscription.

So how do we know when you have referred someone? It’s very easy, we simply give you special links to use when linking to so that if someone visits via your link we can register it against your account. The visitor doesn’t even have to subscribe on the day they visit, remembers that you have referred them for up to 60 days meaning that if they come back later and subscribe to an ARTIST or INDUSTRY account you will still receive your 50% of the subscription fee, monthly!

We keep everything very transparent. Within your Pulse Funding Programme Dashboard, you can see exactly how many people have clicked your link and how many have subscribed. It will also show you how much commission you have earned and how much you have been paid.

Here’s an example to show you how easy it is to get this funding:

“You join our ARTIST membership and pay £10 per month and then put your personalised referral link out on your social media channels, message your contacts directly or even ask us for a special referral voucher code that they can use.

A day later you check your Pulse Funding Dashboard and ten people have clicked the link and two people subscribe on that day, one to ARTIST membership and the other to INDUSTRY membership.

Straight away you have earned £10. Ten days later three more people decide to subscribe to the INDUSTRY membership and voila, you have earned £30 which will be paid at the end of each calendar month until those referrals cancels their subscription.”

So, you can see from above example how easy it is to get a regular income each month and that’s just from four successful referrals. You’ve covered the cost of your subscription and you are earning £35 per month! Just think of the possibilities, you can earn up to £1000 through the Pulse Funding Programme so what are you waiting for… JOIN NOW and get referring!

trigger funding

The next tier of funding offers up to £5000 to the applicant to kickstart a key stage of their career. This might be recording a single or EP or to pay for the promo or you may just need to buy some t-shirts and get them on sale at gigs to earn more money. In order to apply for Trigger Funding, you can be a member of MPFREE, ARTIST or INDUSTRY. As an ARTIST or INDUSTRY member you can apply for trigger funding once every six months but as an MPFREE member, you can only apply for trigger funding once.

journey funding

Journey funding offers between £5000 and £15000 to applicants. Designed to help the artist move to another level of their career such as album recording, releasing, promo, merch, touring support etc.

To apply for Journey Funding, you must have been an ARTIST or INDUSTRY member for six consecutive months or more.

Journey funding can only be applied for once every twelve months.

ticketing funding

Get paid for every advanced sale you do!!!

MusicPlanet Live has an industry-leading ticketing service which delivers tickets direct to member’s accounts and mobile devices and can pay a return to artists, venues and promoters. We can process all ticket types including VIP experiences and advanced exclusive tickets.

Are you a venue or promoter and not got time to add all your current events? No problems. As an industry member, we can add all your confirmed events to MusicPlanet Live and advertise these across the site for you. Just simply provide us with your gig listings and we’ll do the rest.

If you’re a venue, promoter or artist and would like to monetise ticket sales simply email with your event listings and what allocation of tickets you would like to sell through MPL and the booking fee you would like to charge.

That’s it!

We charge 50p per transaction for this service and pay the rest to you.

We will add all your events and provide you with log in details and your ticketing links, you can share these across your sales outlets and you can monitor sales within your profile.

Alternatively, if promoter(s)/venues are using MPL’s ticketing solution they can provide a sales link to artists which can be shared this through sales outlets. Immediate information on ticket sales will be provided and we will pay artists the booking fee from the sales from the advertised link.

online booking service

If you have created an MPL following of 500 or more, you qualify for our online booking service. Obviously, we know a lot of acts will have agents and of course, this service is optional. However, if you’re looking for representation our agents will book you paid shows and tours. Our promoters and agents have strong contacts with some of the largest management and agency groups, booking some of the biggest UK and international acts for festivals and tours.

show sponsorship

For industry members only

We know as promoters and venue managers your passion is to put on awesome shows, but there may be occasions where you might not be able to afford the risk or have the available funds to put on all the shows you want to.

We want these shows to happen, and as such we want to help cover these costs, (artists guarantee, venue hire, promotion costs) so you can put on a show risk-free.

We want the venues paid, we want the artists paid, we want to help with promotion costs and we want these gigs to proceed. We want you to have the opportunity to put on the shows you want to and not turn anything down.

Trust us, we know how much hard work goes into putting on shows, we want to support as much as possible and help the people who have a passion for keeping live music thriving.

We want more people attending shows and enjoying live music, from grassroots venues to the largest stadiums.

If the show makes money great but if the turn out isn’t as expected, then we’ll cover all the costs. There is no financial risk for you.

Simply provide us with the show details you’d like to promote in our simple application form. Obviously, we can’t sponsor every show, but we’ll support as many as we can.

Terms and conditions of each show funding will be tailored to each successful application.

Venues or promoters can apply as many times as they like.

We will notify promoters of successful applications within 48 hours

following funding

If you’ve achieved a following over the years on other platforms, then you’ve already done the hard work, now get PAID for it (and reach more fans at the same time)!! Simply advertise to your fan-base and let the site work for you.

As you drive listeners to MusicPlanet Live we’ll pay you for this, we pay up to £10,000 per artist. We’ll also share show advertising revenue with our artists. We’ll do the hard work and contact companies to advertise on the radio shows where your tracks are playing and then pay you a share of this revenue. (artist members only – MusicPlanet Live terms apply)

MusicPlanet Live is cleverly designed to make connecting and increasing your following easy. For information on how to simply grow your fan base on MusicPlanet Live please click here.