grow your MusicPlanet Live fanbase

So how do you grow your fanbase on MusicPlanet Live and get paid for this?
MusicPlanet Live makes things easy.

It’s simple to increase your fanbase on MusicPlanet Live. Some acts may be worried about setting up a new social and the work this may involve, please note we are different, and MPL is NOT a simple new social!!

MusicPlanet Live is cleverly designed to make connecting and increasing your following easy. Any connections you make will help promote your act, and the connections you make now will also mean you will gain more followers in the future, as any new user will also be introduced to you as an artist.

The site is designed so that a small local following of 20 or more can really help your act.

Please see our instructional video here on how to make the site work for you and gain a larger following.



So, a few simple clicks and a few referrals and you will see immediate benefits for your act. As we grow the site and radio station together these will become substantial benefits.

Thank you for your support and welcome to nuuradio, we won’t let you down.