industry membership benefits

show sponsorship

As a promoter/venue INDUSTRY member, you will be eligible for show sponsorship opportunities. MusicPlanet Live are looking to sponsor shows to ensure that they have less financial risk attached. We want to encourage live music businesses to thrive and enable them to let emerging artists perform and get paid no matter how many tickets are sold.

unlimited campaign track uploads

As an INDUSTRY member, you can upload tracks on behalf of artists you are working with as part of a PR campaign. All we ask is that the artist is at least a member of MPFREE. You can stipulate embargo dates, impact dates, release dates and send a press release along with the track. You will not be restricted to how many tracks you can upload to our servers. Our dedicated music team go through new tracks along with PR campaigns daily for playlist shortlisting.

unlimited pulse funding

Our unique PULSE funding affiliate programme allows you to refer nuuradio and MusicPlanet Live to other artists and earn UNLIMITED commission monthly. The more ARTIST or INDUSTRY memberships that you have referred with your own specific referral link, the more commission you earn. (i.e. refer 10 ARTIST or INDUSTRY sign-ups and get £50 per month*). This commission can be monitored in your PULSE dashboard 24/7 and will be paid monthly. You can utilise your database to earn regular monthly revenue.

charity giving

We have partnered with select charities that we believe make a difference in the industry or have a big social impact. You can choose to donate your commission from PULSE funding to one of these nominated charities each month automatically. Your PULSE dashboard will be available to see exactly how much you have earned for that charity.

trigger and journey funding up to £15000

We don’t want to stop the funding at PULSE so we’re also offering TRIGGER and JOURNEY for those points in your business that need a kick start or boost. As an INDUSTRY member, you can apply for TRIGGER funding (up to £5000) once every six months and for JOURNEY funding (between £5000 and £15000) once per year. We make the application process as simple as possible and our funding team meet fortnightly to shortlist new applications.

upload you own shows

At nuuradio we want Industry to be part of the programming. Create and upload your own shows and our DJ’s and producers will edit and do the rest! You may be a label or management company and listeners to recognise your achievements and the artists you work with. It’s a great way to deliver your company ethos and showcase these artists. If you prefer we can put radio shows together based on information you send us.

free banner advertising for extra exposure and ticket sales

INDUSTRY members get free banner advertising across MusicPlanet Live and featured opportunities across We will do everything possible to give you, your roster or your shows & tours the limelight across our platforms including MPL Recommends, nuuradio featured artist, banners on the radio page, (targetted) advertising on the carousel for release campaigns and banners to ticket purchasing for your shows & tours.

community hub access

Need somewhere to express your knowledge and experience and helps emerging artists? You may want to share ideas and get advice yourself! Your INDUSTRY membership gives exclusive access to the artist and industry community hub on (coming soon) and allows you to ask your fellow musicians and industry professionals questions that may not be available elsewhere on the web.

vip access to calendar system

As an INDUSTRY member, MusicPlanet Live offers you VIP access to their venue calendar/booking system where you can automatically check available dates of the most suitable venues within your budget for your artist’s tour and pencil or confirm shows in an instant. On the fly communication with each venue allows for speedy replies to any queries and the date or tour is booked in no time. (coming soon)

ticketing revenue share

Get paid for every advance sale you do!!
As an INDUSTRY member promoters and venues can sell through the MusicPlanet Live industry-leading ticketing system and we can provide a financial return for every ticket sold through MPL. We will also advertise your shows in specific areas. Simply provide us with your gig listings and allocation of tickets and we’ll do the rest. (*MPL ticketing terms apply)

become a studio session partner

As a recording studio INDUSTRY member, apply to be a partner in order for acts to record sessions at your studio. We cover the cost for the artist which means it’s a win-win situation, plus, your business is advertised every time a studio is selected and a session is aired.

event adding for venues & promoters

Not got time to add all your current events? No problems. Together with VIP access to MPL’s venue calendar/booking system as an industry member we can add all your confirmed events to MusicPlanet Live and advertise these across the site for you. Just simply provide us with your gig listings and ticket allocation and we’ll do the rest.

online teamers

Our Teamers are the fans that are happy to help push your online tour campaigns and encourage regionalised show attendance, improving exposure in areas where an artist may not have such a large following or creating a new audience for venues. You can reach a passionate new audience that wants to help with your promotion. (coming soon)

shared advertising revenue

As an INDUSTRY member, we will ensure you get a share of any revenue generated from the radio page on Musicplanet Live whilst your radio show is being aired! (coming soon)

If you are not already an INDUSTRY member and would like to take advantage of all these benefits...