radio takeover shows

emerging, rising and inspiring shows

What is the “Emerging, Rising & Inspiring” show?

It’s the easiest way to get involved in nuuradio and create a takeover show.

This is your show, put together by nuuradio without the need for recording, where you can shout out some of your favourite upcoming artists and we will play their tracks. We will also play your own music and the acts that have inspired you.

Your radio show also provides you with an opportunity to let our listeners know about any current or upcoming releases or live shows you have.

We edit all shows we are broadcasting and have made it as simple as possible for you to help raise your profile and that of the artists you recommend.

To submit an ‘Emerging, Rising & Inspiring’ radio show for your band please simply upload the following to

  1. Upload up to 3 of your tracks that you would like included in your show.
  2. A list of up to 10 upcoming/emerging acts that you would recommend people check out (ANY genre)
  3. A list of up to 10 all-time favourite tracks that have inspired you (any genre/any size band)
  4. Your MUSICPLANET LIVE Artist profile URL. If you haven’t already got one, you can create your FREE Artist profile at
  5. A brief biography (or EPK)
  6. Details of any current or forthcoming Album/EP/Single releases or upcoming shows you would like to be included in your show.

That’s all we need to compile an ‘Emerging, Rising & Inspiring’ show. Submit your show now.

nuu-session shows

ARTIST members can apply to go into our partner commercial recording studios and pre-record live sessions for FREE! Yes, nuuradio will pay for a one-hour session and mix and then play it on our “nuu-session” shows which will be broadcast weekly.

takeover shows

Talk about what you are passionate about!

Plug your band’s new music, as well as talk about your upcoming gigs.

Get involved now and be played on nuuradio.

We are taking submissions for our artist takeover radio shows right now. If you’re a DJ or in a band and fancy yourself as a radio DJ/Presenter please get in touch. We’d love to have you host a pre-recorded show, you will be heard by 1000’s of listeners, can plug your acts new music and talk about upcoming shows, as well as playing your favourite emerging artists and the tracks that have inspired you. We have some amazing acts that have already recorded some awesome (and hilarious) shows.

As nuuradio plays exclusively through MusicPlanet Live we have no broadcasting standards, so anything goes (within reason) have fun!

Simply record your show anytime, using any recording software and upload via the nuuradio artist and industry exclusive log in.

We’ll play your artist shows from the start. However, your shows will be repeated as the listenership grows substantially or you’ll have the opportunity to record more.

takeover show guidelines

Aim for around 30 mins of talking but save each section as a separate file for uploading we can then programme the tracks you have chosen inbetween.

Please include the following:

Introduce yourself and in no specific order…

– Introduce 10 tracks by emerging bands/DJs you’d recommend and what you like about them.

– Introduce 5 top songs that have inspired you and explain why.

– Introduce up to 2 tracks of yours, and talk about them.

Record an ident – ‘Hi, we’re [INSERT ARTIST NAME] and you’re listening to nuuradio on MusicPlanet Live” and upload this when uploading the rest of your show.

takeover show suggested questions

If you need a guide as to what to talk about then feel free to use the below. We would suggest alternate band members ask the questions, or if you’re DJs please get together with another DJ mate. Feel free to chat about any of the below points or anything at all.

  1. What do you love/hate about social media?
  2. Got any upcoming shows? Tell your listeners. (First date must be more than one month away from show submission date)
  3. How did your band form? How did you start in music?
  4. Funniest gig/tour story?
  5. What’s your favourite UK venue to play at?
  6. Worst behaved band member – stories please?
  7. Show us your gear! What do you use on stage? – plug your endorsements
  8. Favourite music video ever?
  9. Best equipment?
  10. Best things about being a musician/in a band?
  11. Worst things about being a musician/in a band
  12. Big venues, festivals or cosy intimate shows?
  13. Worse thing about touring?
  14. Which UK bands/DJ’s are you currently listening to?
  15. What are your top 5 favourite albums/tracks of all time?
  16. Guilty music pleasure?
  17. Favourite UK festival?
  18. Favourite non-UK festival?
  19. How many shows have you been to? (estimate)
  20. Who is the biggest music geek in the band?
  21. Funniest tour/show stories?
  22. Which 4 musicians (dead or alive) would you invite round for dinner?
  23. Which bands do you wish would reform?
  24. Favourite film soundtrack?
  25. What’s your PERFECT festival lineup? (even if split up/deceased)
  26. Shittest thing about the industry?
  27. Most f##ked you’ve been at a show?
  28. ‘And the award for best vocalist goes to?’
  29. Best guitar riff in a song ever?
  30. Favourite line from a song?
  31. Who’s the best drummer in the world?
  32. Best ever bassline?
  33. What’s the best pop song ever written?
  34. Worst gig experience ever?
  35. Which band have you seen live the most?
  36. Hottest lead vocalist or band member (male or female, dependent on gender or sexual orientation)?
  37. Best album artwork?
  38. Worst album artwork?
  39. Worst musical idea any band member has had? (please out them)
  40. Biggest arguments in the band? (if you can talk about it)
  41. Best cover song ever?
  42. Which bands do you wish would tour together?
  43. Strangest thing you’ve ever seen at a show?
  44. What’s your favourite genre of music?
  45. Most essential tour items?
  46. Most annoying on tour?
  47. Most annoyingly catchy song?
  48. Nicest musician or singer you’ve ever met?
  49. Best live show performance?  (Best shown you’ve seen or filmed)
  50. What’s the best thing you’ve ever seen happen at a festival or show? (non-musical)
  51. Favourite lyrics/lyric
  52. Most unusual band names? Funniest band/DJ names?
  53. Best merch you own?
  54. Best music memorabilia!
  55. Vinyl, cd or cassette?
  56. Most confusing band logo?
  57. Best setlist ever?
  58. Which 3 musicians would you like to be stranded on a desert island with?
  59. Strangest thing you have been asked to sign?
  60. Craziest request from a fan?
  61. Turn to track to hype you up before going out?
  62. Turn to track to pick you up when you’re feeling down?
  63. If you could guest vocal or play on any one song live what would it be?
  64. What inspired your acts name?
  65. Tell us why people should listen to your band – go!
  66. What are your live shows like and how do you prepare for them?
  67. List three bands you’d love to go on tour with and why.
  68. Biggest achievement to date?
  69. What are your plans for the next 12 months?
  70. Ultimate musical goal?
  71. Favourite venue you’ve played?
  72. What have been your favourite cities to play?
  73. Favourite venue to go to as a music fan?
  74. Should bands wear their own merchandise?
  75. If you could play any one festival in the world which would you choose and why?
  76. Karaoke? Which song do you choose?
  77. Best thing about touring/playing shows?
  78. Which upcoming act would you recommend and why?
  79. Worst social media experience?
  80. Have you ever had to ‘pay’ to play a show?
  81. If you had just one rider request what would it be?
  82. Best rider you’ve ever had, big up the promoter/venue
  83. If you hated a song but knew it would sell, would you release it?
DJ specific related questions
  1. What got you into Djing?
  2. What is your total record collection?
  3. What party/club night would you love to go back to?
  4. Favourite Club night you’ve played for?
  5. If you were doing a show of tracks that inspired you the most what would be your first track?
  6. What parties would you love to play at in the future?
  7. Your favourite record ever?
  8. What do you enjoy more production or DJing?
  9. If you could get your hands on any record in the world what would it be?
  10. Best radio show you’ve listened to and who presented it?
  11. If you could choose any two DJ’s to go back to back who would they be?
  12. Best era for dance music?
  13. Best show experience?
  14. Worst show experience?
Industry Related Questions
  1. Any advice for new acts?
  2. Any pitfalls to avoid?
  3. You can give one tip to aspiring artists, what would it be?
  4. Social Media Do’s?
  5. Social Media Donts?
  6. At what stage does an artist need management?
  7. At what stage does an artist need a booking agent?
  8. At what stage does an artist need PR?